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Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE cooking range symbolises innovation, elegance and a unique touch of simplicity. The cooking range’s motivation is solely focused on making your life simpler by revolutionising the way you cook. Now you too can become the master chef of your kitchen, by entering your details below to stand a chance to win one of 5 Whirlpool JetChef Microwave ovens. Terms and conditions apply.

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With Whirlpool 6th SENSE Technology.


The Whirlpool JetChef Microwave: an evolution in cooking perfection

Thanks to Whirlpool’s intelligent 6TH SENSE functionality, you can cook a wide variety of dishes to perfection with no need to programme the microwave oven. The oven itself selects and constantly adapts the energy level for consistent performance and perfect results every time, whatever the original temperature of your food (raw, frozen or fresh) and whatever combination of food types you are cooking.

Equipped with advanced 6TH SENSE and Crisp TM technologies, Whirlpool microwaves combine 3 different cooking methods: convection, steam and microwave. This unique combination lets you create superb meals in a fraction of the usual time. Offering generous interiors for big dishes, these ovens come in a variety of styles with a wide range of functions, so you’re sure to find one to suit your kitchen and your lifestyle.
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Whirlpool induction hobs: The intelligence to make cooking simpler

Induction heats the pan, not the hob. When a ferrous metallic pan is placed on the hob, an electromagnetic field passes through the ceramic glass top, heating the pan instantly and uniformly. As well as saving time and energy, induction hobs are extremely safe and easy to clean thanks to their sheer, at surface. Precise induction technology guarantees perfect control for everything from melting chocolate to sautéing.

Thanks to 6TH SENSE technology, you always get masterchef results in the most intuitive way. With just one touch, you can easily select the perfect cooking functions and the hob will automatically adjust to the right power level allowing you to create your best recipes. Innovative design, great to cook with, great to look at.
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Easy cooking with intelligent ovens

If you want to cook like a masterchef, the unique 6TH SENSE recipes option offers you an easy route to perfect cuisine. All you have to do is select one of the 30 pre-set recipes and the oven automatically sets the cooking function, temperature and cooking time, monitoring and controlling the cooking process to ensure outstanding results every time.

The Ready to Cook option conveniently eliminates the need to pre-heat the oven, no matter what you’re cooking and it does so without any compromise on cooking performance. A unique patented algorithm controls the powerful heating element, so your oven is ready to go whenever you are. Not only does that save you up to 25% of your valuable time, it also uses up to 20% less energy. What’s more, the controlled heating process also eliminates the risk of excessive browning - perfect for dishes that need gradual cooking for best results.
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Crisp Focaccia Flat Bread

Perfectly Crisp Focaccia Flat Bread in the Whirlpool 6th SENSE JetChef Microwave. 
Full Recipe Here.

Wild Mushroom Sauce

Mouth-watering Wild Mushroom Sauce with the Whirlpool 6th SENSE Induction Hob. 
Full Recipe Here.

Roasted Fillet and Rainbow Carrots

Succulent Roasted Fillet and Rainbow Carrots in the Whirlpool 6th SENSE oven. 
Full Recipe Here.