Discover the new power of 6TH SENSE technology.

Your extra power for perfect results, intuitively as never before.

Superior Performance

Ovens: cooking results of a master chef; deliciously tender inside, perfectly browned and ideally crispy.

Microwave: 1st in launching the CRISP function on the market.

Hobs: the new 6TH SENSE cooking functions guarantee the right cooking power level for perfect results.

Hoods: the ultimate evolution in air purification with maximum energy efficiency.

Intuitive Use

Ovens: the new 6TH SENSE technology and programmer adapts cooking parameters, automatically offering you the best and most intuitive experience.

Microwaves: the 6TH SENSE intelligent sensors detect the humidity level of the cavity and adapts the cooking time for perfect results.

Hobs: easily select one of the special 6TH SENSE functions like melting, boiling and simmering for perfect settings.

Hoods: the intelligent 6TH SENSE technology, activated with one touch, automatically adjusts the power of the air circulation.

Intelligent Saving

Ovens: 6TH SENSE technology automatically adjusts the temperature and power that is needed without pre-heat, reducing up to 20% energy and time.1

Hobs: 6TH SENSE technology allows you to save up to 30% energy2 and 30% time3 when boiling 2 litres of water.

Hoods: you save up to 50% of energy as you only use the power that is needed for your perfect cooking experience.4